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(Interesting resources similar topics):
Vintage Cassettes Catalog
Vintage Video-Cassettes VHS
Project C-90
Jack's Tapes
Valenyap's Tapes
Vintage Cassette - The independent cassette deck resource
audio nostalgie
Hi-Fi Engine
Audio Database
Vintage Audio Laser
1970s Japan Compact Cassettes
шизaudio BoomBox 70-80'
all media database
MD channel
juri.su MD
Directory of SONY MD
The Vintage Knob
Old MCs/Tapes
Cassette labels gallery
Cassette roller classification
Pure Analogue
Cassette history (rus)
National Audio Company
Tape Tardis Audio Cassette Nostalgia
National vintages VHS/S-VHS Recorders
Panasonic Video Equipment collection VHS/S-VHS
Panasonic VHS VCR Gallery
Betamax - PAL site
Directory of cassette
Total Rewind - Virtual Miseum of Vintage VCRs
Compact cassette Information Center
Die Wagner's - Beta kassetten
VHS cassettes - scan & photos #1
VHS cassettes - scan & photos #2
The VHS corner
Free User Manual
MCGRP Free User Manual
Free Manual
Electro Tanya - Service Manual Oasis
Espec - Manual
User Manual for Panasonic NV
Free Bar-code generator
The review of audiocassettes of the Golden Era
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